This calculator helps to determine the tax advantages of owning a home. The Financial Analysis results show side-by-side breakdowns of first year and total tax savings.

To use the calculator, enter the following information:

Property Information: Home Value and Years Before Sell.
Loan Information: Amount (of mortgage), Interest Rate and Length (in years), Points and Closing Costs.
Tax and Insurance Information (choose dollars or percentage): Annual Taxes, Annual Insurance and Annual PMI.
Your Tax Rates and Deductions: Tax Rate, State Tax Rate and Deductions.

The calculator will compute the following information:

Amount FinancedTotal Monthly Payments
Monthly Principal and InterestInterests and Points
Monthly Real Estate TaxesTotal Property Taxes
Monthly InsuranceTotal Deductions
Loan-to-Value RatioTax Savings
Months with PMIAverage Payment After Taxes
Monthly PMI

The calculator can also produce a PDF output file for download, and you can click the check box to view the Schedule Table for the time frame selected. The Schedule Table fields include: Number (of payment month), Interest, Principal, Tax Savings, PMI and Balance. It also shows totals for every field after each year of the mortgage.

Input Information
Property Information
Home Value : ($)
Years Before Sell : (Yrs)
Loan Information
Amount : ($)
Interest Rate : (%)
Length : (Yrs)
Points : (%)
Closing Costs : ($)
Taxes And Insurance Information
Annual Taxes :
Annual Insurance :
Annual PMI :
Your Tax Rates And Deductions
Tax Rate : (%)
State Tax Rate : (%)
Deductions : ($)
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Financial Analysis
Amount Financed : $250,000.00
Monthly Principal and Interests : $1,304.12
Monthly Real Estate Taxes : $250.00
Monthly Insurance : $125.00
Loan To Value Ratio : 83.33%
Months With PMI : 30
Monthly PMI : $104.17
Total Monthly Payments : $1,783.29
  First Years Total
Interests and Points : $33,853.68 $221,982.60
Total Property Taxes : $15,000.00 $90,000.00
Total Deductions : $48,853.68 $311,982.60
Tax Savings : $15,144.64 $96,714.61
Average Payment After Taxes : $1,530.87 $1,514.63

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