3 Appropriate Responses to Your Tenants Lease Violation

If you feel your tenant has committed a lease violation, you have a legal right to act accordingly. Since it is important to keep a residence occupied in order to generate income, ensure you are responding appropriately and avoiding negative consequences.

#1 Verbal Warning

Depending on the violation, a small verbal warning may be appropriate. For example, you may have a rule against making noise in the building after a certain time of day. Though you should document the violation in writing, a verbal warning may be all it takes to solve the issue.

#2 Written Request for Correction

For larger or repeated offenses, a written request should be used. This request should stipulate the action needed to correct the violation and a date when this must be done. For example, you may request a tenant repaint a wall that was painted against a contract. Place a due date on the request to ensure this is done in a timely manner.

#3 Eviction Notice

After verbal and written requests fail, eviction may be pursued. Eviction can only occur if you have legal grounds to pursue the option. As such, make sure you are not violating your own end of the agreement when you pursue an eviction.

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