3 Options for Investigating Tenant-Pet Violations

Dealing with tenant-pet violations is something that you may have to do as a landlord. If you do not allow pets in your properties, inevitably, someone will try to break the rules. Tenants trying to sneak pets into their unit is a very common practice. Some landlords just look the other way and do not worry about it. However, if there is damage to the unit as a result, you could be talking about some serious problems. As a landlord, there are a few ways that you can investigate a tenant-pet violation.

1. Witness Statements

Many times when a pet is involved, you can find out about it from the neighbors. The neighbors of a person with pets are sometimes bothered by the presence of the pet. 

2. Black Light

Once the tenant moves out you are free to investigate the unit for evidence of a pet. Using a black light is a way that you can see if pet urine was left on the carpet. If you find urine you can prove that they had a pet.  

3. Trash

Looking in the trash is another way that you can see if a pet is near. For example, if they have a cat, there would probably be some evidence of cat litter in the trash. 

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