3 Reasons for Denying a Home Rental Application

As a landlord, you will have many potential tenants fill out a home rental application. You will have to filter through all of these applications and decide when to allow someone to rent from you. While you would like to approve almost everyone that you come in contact with, there are a few reasons that you should probably avoid doing so.

1. Poor Credit File

When you have someone apply for a rental of yours, you should look into pulling their credit file as well. You can only do this if they allow you to. Once you pull the file, you should see exactly the type of problems that they have had. If their credit score is very low, there is a chance that they will not be a very good tenant. This insinuates that they do not know how to handle money. 

2. Former Landlord Problems

Talk to their former landlord and find out if they ever had any problems with them. If they tell you that they consistently had problems, that is a good indicator that you should stay away.

3. No Employment

If they do not have a job, you can not take the risk that they will be getting one in the near future. You need someone that can pay the rent. 

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