3 Things to Look out for when Buying a New Home

It’s important to have a checklist of things to look for when you’re buying a new home. Understanding which repairs will have to be made will help you make an informed purchase offer. Here are 3 things to look for:

1 - Roof

Replacing a roof can be costly. You need to know if that will be required within a few years of buying a new home. It’s also a hassle to find a contractor who will do a good job. Find out if the house's roof needs maintenance or replacement before you make an offer, and adjust your offer accordingly.

2 - Windows

The condition of the windows has a lot to do with energy efficiency, and in some cases, safety. Check for double paned windows that are easy to open. Well-insulated windows are the best, but at the very least, the windows should be easy to open and maintain.

3 - Plumbing

You have to check the plumbing when you’re buying a new home. Know the age of the water heater, and look for any erosion on the pipes. Flush the toilet if you’re able to, and listen for noisy pipes.  You’ll be able to detect problems with the plumbing, and either ask the seller to make repairs or reduce the purchase price.

A home inspector or contractor can be helpful in the process of buying a new home. Consider hiring one to evaluate your potential purchase.

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