3 Tips to Investing in a Deeded Timeshare

Buying a deeded timeshare could be a good investment for you and your family. However, there are certain things that you will want to keep in mind before going through with a purchase. Here are a few tips to investing in a deeded timeshare. 

1. Buy in Popular Destinations

There are many places all over the world that offer deeded timeshares. When you purchase, you want to focus on popular travel destinations. If you purchase a timeshare in an area that no one wants to visit, you will have a hard time reselling it. If you participate in a timeshare exchange program, it will also be difficult to find someone to trade your week with.

2. Consider Maintenance Fees

While the purchase price of the timeshare might seem great, you also need to look at the maintenance fees that you will have to pay. This will usually amount to a few hundred extra dollars per year that you have to come up with for the duration of the ownership period.

3. Consider Potential

Aside from looking at what is currently there, consider the potential of the resort and the surrounding area. You want to invest in projects and areas that are growing instead of remaining stagnant.

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