3 Tips to Writing a Custom Rental Application Form

A custom rental application form will help you select a tenant that best fits the desired profile you have in mind. Note: you cannot discriminate on the basis of a number of different factors, such as race or disability, by law, and you should not include this information on your application form.

#1 Cover Legal Bases

Make sure you have all legal information required of your tenant on the application. If you house a person with an outstanding warrant, for example, you could be legally liable. Make sure you collect enough information to make sure you do not have this type of problem.

#2 Include Info Relevant to Other Tenants

You may want to think about other tenants in your property. If they are all graduate students, they may prefer to have another graduate student living in the apartment. This can prevent conflict and provide you with a more peaceful residence. Include this information on the form.

#3 Prioritize Your Needs

You may have personal needs from your tenants. For example, it may be important to you the tenant report all issues with the property so they may be fixed immediately. Ask for references from other landlords in that case so you can determine if the tenants behaved this way previously.

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