3 Tips When Deciding to Sell

Deciding to sell your home is a financial and personal decision. To make the wisest financial choice, consider these tips:

#1 Look for Active Comparables

A "comparable" is a home in your market that is very similar to your own. You will likely find a comp with a similar number of beds and bathrooms, though there will be differences in lot sizes, room sizes and floor plans. By touring these homes, however, you will learn what your competition looks like and how it is priced.

#2 Stage Your Home

Staging can make all the difference, particularly in an older home. Staging involves removing taste-specific items, like bright wall paint or family photos, and additionally highlighting your home's best features. You may even contact a professional stager for a few hundred dollars to consult with you on the project.

Consider painting in neutral colors when staging because home buyers respond well to clean, neutral color tones.

#3 Remove Pets

One of the biggest mistakes home owners make is allowing their pets to be present during a showing. You may love dogs, but your buyer may not. Remove the animals along with any crates, shed fur and other belongings to another location while you are showing your home.

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