4 Ways to Advertise Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is all about exposure. If you expose your property to the most number of people and have it priced fairly, it will eventually sell. Therefore, as long as you feel good about the price, you need to do whatever you can to get your property in front many people. Advertising your property effectively is essential to exposing it to the masses.

1. Local Magazines

Local publications are a great place for commercial real estate listings. You will see these real estate magazines all over the place, most notably in restaurants. You want your listing to have a prominent display in the magazine. Try and get on the cover if at all possible. These real estate magazines are a great way to get the word out to people that may be in the market for real estate. 

2. Billboards

Using billboards is another fantastic way to get the exposure that you need. A billboard can advertise for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get a prominent spot on a major highway or street. Put a picture of the property and any important facts on the billboard with your picture and phone number. Billboards are a relatively cheap way to advertise the property that you want to sell. It can get results quickly if the right person happens to drive by. 

3. Internet

The internet is quickly becoming the best resource for selling commercial property. Before a potential buyer ever physically tours a property, they want to tour it virtually first. With online property databases, you can put your entire portfolio out there for the world to see. This way, they can search through listings and find the property that they want. All of this is done before you spend a minute of your time with them. 

In addition to online databases, you can use a number of other online alternatives as well. For example, you could use pay-per-click marketing to zero in on those in the market. Whenever someone types in the search term "commercial real estate" or "real estate" you could have an add that pops up on the side of the search engine. You could tailor a specific campaign for a number of related keywords. 

You could also have your own website for only your property listings. This is a great way to capture the information from your visitors. This way, you can follow up with them and know exactly what they were looking at. 

4. Television

Television is still a powerful way to market your property. With the power of television, you can reach a mass audience for a reasonable price. You can put pictures and video clips of the property in the video and give other valuable information about the property. Put your contact information in the ad and you'll be surprised how many calls you will get from a commercial.

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