5 Reasons to Hire Listing and Selling Agents

If you are looking to sell your current home in order to purchase another, you may consider hiring two separate agents to represent your needs: a listing agent and a selling agent. A listing agent works on your behalf to help sell your existing property. He or she will market your property to bring in potential clients. A selling agent works to help find the new property. He or she works to bring potential properties to your attention. Having both a listing agent and selling agent to assist you will allow you to manage your transactions and meet all of your needs in order to sell your property and acquire a new one.

1. Expertise

When trying to sell or purchase a home, you may have only limited knowledge about how real estate transactions move from A to Z. Using a listing agent can reduce the amount of time you spend and make the process smooth. It is what agents do. They utilize their education and experience to provide services in selling homes. A listing agent will help market your property for its value and get you the best deal. A selling agent will work to acquire a property that meets your specifications and price point.

2. Obligations

As previously mentioned, a listing agent is someone who handles the listing of your currently owned property to the public. His or her responsibility is to ensure that your property is marketed correctly in order to meet your return on investment. By contrast, a selling agent works with you to help procure potential properties that meet your buying needs. He or she works with you to determine the type of property and amenities you are aiming to purchase. His or her obligation is to bring potential properties to the table for your bidding.

3. Your Interest

When you use a listing agent and a selling agent, your interest (selling and buying) comes first. A listing agent is geared to selling a property and getting the home sold for what the seller is requesting. A selling agent has to drive interest and potential buyers to your property in order to move it off the market.

4. Team Approach

When working with different agents, you will work with a team of professionals. These professionals can range in education, experience and expertise. You have the right to select the agent who works best with your situation and provides you the greatest comfort in knowing the job will get done. If you utilize one agent to handle both aspects, selling and purchasing, you may receive a limited amount of information because the agent is handling both sides of the transaction.

5. Cost

If you are using a listing agent, then the seller is responsible for paying the commission of the agent as part of the transaction. If you use a selling agent, you will have to sign a right to sell. This gives the selling agent the right to market and receive full commission on the transaction. A single agent will receive the commission on both sides.
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