6 Cheap Home Improvement Projects to Increase Home Value

There are a number of cheap home improvement projects that you could take on in order to increase the value of your home. Here are some of the best home improvement projects for you to pursue that will potentially add value.

1. Decorative Numbers

You might want to consider installing some decorative house numbers to the side of your house. This is a very small project, but many people will prefer to have nicer numbers on the side of the house. This project is going to take you only a short amount of time, but it could add a little bit of value.

2. Clean Exterior

The outside of the house is going to be the first thing that people see when they come to look at it. Because of this, you want to make sure that it is completely clean and looks attractive. If you have lived in your home for a number of years, there is a good chance that dirt and other things have accumulated on the exterior of your house. You should consider renting a power washer for the day so that you can deep clean the side of the house. The price to rent the power washer will be minimal, and you will be able to make a big difference with this project. You should clean the side of your house as well as the gutters.

3. Trim

In addition to cleaning the outside of the house, you might want to spend some time addressing the trim as well. In most cases, painting the trim around the doors and windows is going to make a big difference in the appearance of the house. Many times, trim has had the paint chipped off of it and looks very old. By spending a relatively small amount of money on a paintbrush and some paint, you will be able to make a big difference in the look of the house.

4. Bathroom Fixtures

You should also consider replacing the bathroom fixtures. By spending some money on new fixtures, you will be able to significantly improve the look of the bathroom overall. This is a relatively simple project that is not going to take much of your time.

5. Deck

If you do not have a deck, you might want to consider adding one. This project is going to cost a little bit more than some of the rest, but it is going to significantly add value to the house. By doing this, you are increasing the amount of space that you can use with the house. This makes it much more attractive to potential buyers.

6. Yard

You should also spend some time focusing on improving the look of the yard. By purchasing some fertilizer and grass seed and doing a little bit of work, you will be able to improve the look of your yard. This one is most likely going to take some time, but it is well worth the small investment.

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