A Guide to Conducting an Online Tenant Check

Conducting an online tenant check is an important way to protect against tenant problems. Your online tenant check will reveal whether or not the potential tenant has lied on their application, which may indicate a willingness to break the rent agreement with you.

The Verification Process

When you conduct the verification, you should check the tenant's credit as well as their eviction history. Although credit issues may not indicate an inability to pay rent, it can be telling if the credit report indicates a pattern of avoiding responsibility. Be sure you have the potential tenant complete a rental application and has signed the application authorizing you to verify the information they provided and conduct the credit check.

Most online tenant checks can be done at a relatively low price, and the cost is worth the reduced risk in accepting a tenant who may not pay rent or might damage your property or run out on a lease and leave you with unexpected financial stress. Be sure you check the property rental laws in your area, as certain areas may not allow you to use credit as a valid reason for denying someone a place to live.

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