A Guide to Disability Rental Units

When you are looking for a disability rental, you should remember you have the same rights as any other potential renter. If you feel you have been denied a rental due to your disability, you can contact your local department of Housing and Urban Development to file a complaint. The HUD is also a good place to start asking about rentals in your area that suit people with disabilities. You may also consider:

Research independent living facilities - Though these locations get a bad reputation as nursing home alternatives, many independent living communities offer excellent services for the disabled. You will find the apartments or condos have better designs for people with mobility issues. You may also find benefits like medical care or dining on site.

Look for disability listings on rental sites - Any apartment that is designed to accommodate individuals with limited mobility will have a special note on the rental listing. Features to look for include ramps if needed, walk-in access instead of staircases, wider hallways and bathrooms and one-floor living spaces. You may find a location that has been set up nicely to accommodate a person with a disability in a standard rental unit. 

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