A Guide to Short-Term Real Estate Rentals

Short-term real estate rentals can save you money over staying in a hotel if you plan on traveling for more than a few nights. Since these rentals are not full-service like a hotel, though, it can be a challenge to get the same enjoyment. Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the most of your vacation while still saving dollars. 

Opt for Full-Service Locations

Even though you are not staying in a hotel, you should look for a location that has some services. It is best to have a service team on site or nearby. You should also aim to have a laundry service for sheets and towels.

Look for Walking Districts

You will not have a car or a shuttle service in most cases, so it is best to be in an area where you can walk to a number of services. Don't just look for restaurants and bars; consider how easy it is to get to a grocery store, bank or drug store as well.

Read Reviews

There are often reviews of a property even if it is not a registered hotel. Look for reviews from guests who have stayed in the home. If possible, ask the person renting the unit how many people have stayed there in the past. 

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