For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Advertising Tips

Even in the toughest of real estate markets (such as the one currently in place) there are still a number of things that you can do to promote the speedy sale of your home at a reasonably healthy price. In these tight economic times, more homeowners are choosing the "For-Sale-by-Owner" (or, "FSBO") route to sell their homes than ever before. Certainly, it takes added time and effort on the owners' part, but the savings realized in commission fees can more than make up for those and other inconveniences.

It all begins and ends with the home. But once you've gotten your property in tip-top shape, you need to let people know it's available for sale. The more people that know your home is on the market and the more you can draw to actually come and take a look, the better your changes of finding a good buyer. Therefore, advertising your property effectively is of paramount importance.

Put Signs in Your Yard

The first thing to do is to start with the obvious. Put up some signage in your yard. A sign plainly lets people know that your home is on the market. But, it's also a sign to potential buyers that you're ready to receive visitors, so make sure that the house is in 'sale condition' and prepared for viewing.

List Your Home Online

A large majority of shoppers today look to the Internet when searching for home-buying options. The Web provides a quick way to narrow parameters to meet their particular specifications. With just a few simple clicks, potential buyers can see a listing of the homes for sale in their desired area and price range. As a FSBO seller you can make use of this trend to obtain significantly greater exposure for your property. What's more, online listings can include much more information than a traditional newspaper ad, so use it to your best advantage.

You'll also have room for pictures to be uploaded. Take five or ten flattering shots of the exterior of your property and any special features that you'd like to showcase inside the home. If you have the money to spend, hire a virtual tour company to create a 360-degree movie of your home for the web listing.

List in Your Local Newspaper

However, don't sell the newspaper short—it's still a good place to advertise locally. Lots of people still buy the Sunday paper. Add a color picture to enhance your property's description, and be mindful not to use too many abbreviations. People will get the feeling that they're reading shorthand and will give up if it gets too cryptic.

Consider Direct Mailing

Again, if you've got the funds to do so, try direct mailing. This is what's being done when you get those little postcards in the mail with a local realtor's picture on it and a photo and description of a home for sale in the area. Although you don't need a realtor to use this method of advertising, you will need to purchase a mailing list. Choosing a list of people whose preferences run toward the type of home you're selling will target the mailing and help make your efforts more cost-effective and efficient.

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