Advice on Filling Out a Standard Rental Application

A standard rental application will include brief questions regarding the most relevant facts about you as a renter: your ability to pay, your responsibility with previous contracts and your basic living habits.

Ability to Pay

You will need to list a salary. Most landlords will not require you verify the salary with your employer through a written statement, but some will. If your salary is below the threshold required by a landlord, you will need a co-signer to get the apartment or home.

Tenant Responsibility

Your landlord will typically require references from previous landlords. They will be checking to see that you made your rent payments, were a responsible tenant and left the property in good condition. You will typically need to provide information on at least the past 5 years of renting. if you had a bad experience with a landlord, elect to leave this individual off the contract and provide a supplemental reference, for example from an employer, instead.

Living Habits

The landlord will want to get an idea of how you will treat the property you inhabit. If you have pets, you will need to disclose this in the rental agreements. Smokers may also need to disclose this habit. When you submit your application, do your best to show any bad habits will be properly managed.

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