Are you a Victim of Housing Discrimination?

Persons with disabilities, minorities and low income individuals are often victim to housing discrimination. Landlords are not permitted to discriminate on any of these grounds according to legal protections in each state.

Income Discrimination

This is the hardest type of discrimination to prove. A landlord may claim your income was not high enough to provide assurance you could meet rent each month. To prove you were victim to discrimination, you will have to show other landlords approved you for similar or lesser rents. 

Race and Gender Discrimination

When you are denied the opportunity to rent form a landlord, you have a right to ask why. The landlord must respond with a valid reason, such as a problem with your application. If the landlord cannot offer a valid reason for the refusal, you may be victim to race or gender discrimination.

Disability Discrimination

Perhaps the most common form of discrimination, a landlord may deny your application if he or she does not believe the residence can accommodate your needs. You retain the sole right to make this decision. If you will need to add ramps or expand hallways, however, the landlord may refuse your request to make these adjustments because he or she is the legal owner of the property.

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