Assessing the True Cost of a Timeshare

When you are trying to assess timeshare cost you might get a little bit confused. Timeshares can be a very complex investment if you have never dealt with them before. When you are comparing the costs of a timeshare, you need to look at the entire picture as a whole. Here are a few things that you need to consider before you sign up for a timeshare.

Initial Fee

Most timeshares will always have some sort of an initial fee or down payment that you have to pay. This could be as much as a few thousand dollars or as little as $100. Much of the time, this depends on your ability to negotiate and how badly the sales staff wants to make the sale.

Monthly Payment

For the first part of your timeshare membership, you will most likely have to make a monthly payment on your account. They will usually finance the purchase price of the timeshare over a certain amount of time. Your monthly payment will represent the principal of the loan and the interest that they charge you.

Maintenance Fees

Most timeshares will also include a yearly maintenance fee that you have to pay. This usually is not significant, but it covers the maintenance of the property over the long term. 

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