Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

You have to boost your property’s curb appeal if you want to attract more home buyers. The term is used to denote the attractiveness or allure of the exterior parts of a residential or commercial property. Since many buyers tend to first check out the façade, front lawn and backyard of a house before they even decide to view the interior, you need to ensure that your home has good exterior appeal. Below are tips that can enhance your home’s exterior attractiveness.

Always Keep Surroundings Clean

The first step to improving the curb appeal of your home is by making sure that your home is clutter free and clean. Make sure that the lawn is properly mowed, weeds are pulled out, and trees obstructing the view of your home are trimmed or removed. Cut overgrowth, take out plants growing between bricks and concrete, exterminate molds and mildew in the driveway, and walls, and pressure wash the decks and siding. Furthermore, keep your trash tucked inside bins at all times.

Apply New Paint Job

Another step that will give the exterior of your home the facelift that it needs is a new paint job. Peeling and chipping paint on your roof, exterior walls and windows will affect not only the curb appeal of your house, but its sale price as well. Proper planning and care in choosing the color scheme of your home is very important for a successful repainting project.

Clean the Roof and Gutters

Aside from cleaning up windows, walls and doors, you should also remember to clean the roof and the gutters. If there are shingles missing on your roof or the gutter is already rusty, make sure to replace or repaint them.

Tidy Up the Backyard

Many homeowners clean up the front yard and jazz up the driveway, but forget to clean up the backyard. Many home buyers also check out the back area of the properties they are looking at. Thus, be sure to keep the rear area of your home clean and organized too. Make sure that chairs, tables, and the grill in your backyard are in order.

Replace Old Home Fixtures

If you have the budget, you should also consider replacing old fixtures to give your home a brand new look. Take out defective exterior door knobs, door knockers, house numbers and even mailbox to make your house look more attractive on the outside. If the potential buyers see that no additional expenses are needed to spruce up the property, they will be more willing to accept your asking price.

Enhance Evening Appeal

Many potential buyers want to see how a home for sale looks like at night. Thus, you should not also forget to enhance the evening curb appeal of your home. One of the things that you can do is to improve the exterior lighting. Simply adding a series of low voltage lighting along the sidewalk or driveway can make your home look more appealing. You can also make your home look more beautiful and secure even at night if you put a decorative light fixture in the front porch.




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