Choose a Listing Agent by Their Commission and Pay the Price

You will be responsible for paying your listing agent a commission (SAC) upon the sale of your home. If you are using a company to find your agent, you may not have a choice over this commission. But, if you are working with an independent agent, you may be able to name your price. Picking the lowest price, though, will not always end up giving you the highest profit.

Attracting a Good Agent

The best agents are not likely to work for low commissions. When you ask an agent to accept a low commission, you will only attract those individuals who will work for the low price. With real estate agents, you pay for what you get. Attracting bottom of the barrel agents will leave you with bottom of the barrel results. Instead, try aiming for a more moderate commission.

Selling for a High Price

When the commission on a property is low, it makes little difference to the agent to sell at a high price. For example, the difference between selling a home for $225,000 or $240,000 will only mean $300 to an agent working at a 2 percent commission. If the commission is raised to just 3 percent, the agent is working for a $450 difference in profit.

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