Choosing a Home Sale Price Can Be Tricky

The sale price is one of the things that home sellers find difficult to figure out. You want to have a sale price that is high enough to ensure that you get a good amount of net proceeds. But you cannot have a very high price without consequently driving potential buyers away. It is important to take time and proper care when establishing how much you want to sell your home for. Here are some aspects of your home that you need to consider when determining its sale price.

Home Condition

One of the most important factors that affect home sale price is the condition of the home. A house that is clean and well maintained can be sold at a higher price compared to one that is poorly maintained, dilapidated and unclean. Make sure that your home is functioning properly with respect to plumbing, lighting, and roofing systems, if you will be pricing it according to the higher end of the scale.


Another important factor that will affect the sale price of your home or property is location. A house situated in a desirable and safe neighborhood will be more in demand than one located in a place where crime rate is high and overall surrounding is noisy and unclean. The availability of good schools, commercial establishments, and access to transportation services can also boost the sale price of a home.


Availability of amenities that are currently in demand in the property market is also helpful in increasing the sale price of a home. However, homeowners should not spend money adding amenities just to boost the selling price of their homes because the type of amenities that are sought after by buyers can change over time.


When it comes to the real estate industry, there is a natural cycle that affects home sale prices. If you sell your home when the demand for houses and properties in your area is high, you will surely get huge proceeds regardless of the state or condition of your home. If there are many homes for sale in your location, you must ensure that the selling price of your home is competitive enough to attract more buyers.

Availability of Financing

The selling price of your property will also be affected by the financing plans available in the market. If it is hard to secure home loans at the time when you are selling your home, there will only be few buyers that can afford to acquire properties, so competition will be tough. When this happens, you need to consider bringing down your home sale price just to attract buyers.

Perception of Buyers

One factor that many homeowners fail to consider when determining the sale price of their homes is the perception of the buyers. Often, potential buyers drive around the area of the property they are interested in. They do this to get a feel of the overall atmosphere within the neighborhood. One of the many things that can negatively impact the perception of the buyer with regard to your home and neighborhood is the number of foreclosures in your area. Just two foreclosures within your neighborhood can already drive down the home sale prices in your area.

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