Full-Service Real Estate Agents

Discounted service agents are a dime in a dozen; however, finding a good full-service real estate agent could mean a lifetime of savings. Real estate agents who offer full services believe in long-term relationships that could span decades and generations. Whether it is buying or selling your first home, to investment properties, to rental properties to vacation homes, the right real estate agent can be a shrewd business partner to have on hand.

MLS and Internet Marketing

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) helps real estate agents to network by having a unified database of up-to-date information that agents can access for their clients. Listing a client’s property on this network properly can mean the difference between properties being sold within a few weeks, to a few months. Full-service agents often hire professional photographers to take the pictures and sort them for best lighting, angles and color. They take the time to crop and to touch up photos in order to accentuate the positive attributes of the room and house. Many discounted service brokerages don’t market on the MLS or offer this option as a separate charge.


Real estate agents know the value of negotiation and communication. An agent who communicated to you the value of her services will put the same skills to work in negotiating with buyers and agents. The same attention to detail and professionalism will ensure that each offer and potential buyer or agent will be carefully handled.

Full-service agents tend to sell homes at its highest value, as compared to discounted services that tend to reduce home prices for a quick sell. Drawing up accurate contracts and adding addendums is a valuable part of the negotiation process. Many discounted services lack the personal touch that each transaction requires because they need to deal with more clients to make the same kind of profits as full-service agents.


A good full-service agent has developed a good network of professionals that speeds the home buying process for their clients. It is a one-stop process from listing to selling or canvassing the listing to getting financing. Many discounted service brokerages can’t offer this kind of networking power to its clients. Some internet-based businesses do. However, their services are all based online and referrals to ancillary services are paid marketing, not because of their personal relationship to the brokerage.

Discounted Service Brokerages

Discounted service brokerages offer services in increments, such as by the hour or by the specific service. For example, an open house would be a separate service, as well as contracts and other paperwork associated with selling and buying a house. MLS listing is also a separate option that you can buy when signing up with discounted service agents. Signs and other physical marketing tools are also sold separately.

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