Gas or Electric: Which Is Cheaper?

Choosing between gas or electric appliances and facilities for your home will impact your costs in the future. Typically, gas is more expensive than electricity. However, because it tends to be more efficient for some appliances, it makes sense to choose gas sometimes.

  • Water heater - Gas water heaters are more efficient but more expensive. If you have only one water heater for a multi-bathroom home, then you may want to opt for gas. New water heaters that do not store hot water but heat it as it is used are the most efficient and least costly to operate.

  • Kitchen appliances - Refrigerators and dishwashers should be electric. Stoves that use gas typically heat items faster, like boiling water, though electric ovens tend to be cheaper to operate. New Energy Star appliances are best. These often have electric ovens and gas ranges.

  • Heating and cooling - Many older homes use gas heat and electric air conditioning. Today, it is better to opt for other options where possible. Using fans and ventilation to cool a home is better than air conditioning it. If necessary, though, electricity will be less expensive for this option. However, during a storm, it is better to have gas to keep a home warm or cold even though the electricity is not working.

Which is cheaper to operate, a gas or electric dryer?

When considering whether a gas or electric clothes dryer is cheaper, there are two separate costs to think about. First, there is the purchase price, which tends to be higher for the gas option. However, the operating price is often lower on a gas dryer than an electric dryer because the gas dryer is more efficient. If you can afford the more expensive option up front, going with a gas dryer may be cheaper for you in the long run. It is wise to look into energy costs in your area before making the decision. 

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