Guide to Buying Probate Properties

Buying probate properties is a method of purchasing real estate that is often overlooked in the area of real estate investment. This technique can produce positive results if you know what you are doing. Here are a few things to consider about buying probate properties.

Time to Complete

Before you get involved in the business of buying probate properties, you need to understand how long the process can take. This is typically not one of those processes that you can complete in a very short period of time. In most cases, the minimum amount of time that is going to be required is six months. In other cases, it will take several years to complete the probate process. Therefore, if you are going to get involved in this market, you need to be very patient.

Finding Properties

Another reason that buying probate properties is not a commonly used method is because it is difficult to find properties. There is not a central market place or listing resource for probate properties in your area. This means that you will have to do a little bit more work to find the good deals. One of the best techniques that you can use is to hire a buyer's agent to work with. A good real estate agent will be able to help you locate probate properties whenever they become available. They have access to a huge database of properties and they are one of the first people to know whenever a new property comes on the market. If a probate property becomes available, they will be able to contact you immediately and give you the details. You need to specify to your real estate agent exactly what type of property you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

You can also do your part when trying to find probate properties. You can check with your local court house to see if there are any wills that are scheduled to go through the probate process. You can also look through your local paper to check the obituaries section. Many times, this will alert you whenever property is about to go through probate.


There are a few benefits that you can get by investing in probate properties. First of all, you are going to be working with very motivated sellers. This means that you can often secure properties for a deep discount. In addition to this, you are not going to have much competition in this market because it is difficult to find properties. This is not like trying to buy a foreclosure against many other investors.

Tips on Buying

You need to determine in advance what type of property you are going to look for. Determining how much money you want to spend and how big of a property you want to buy is crucial. You also need to remain patient at all times. This process can take a long time, so you do not need to get discouraged at any point.

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