Home Improvement Tips to Boost Home Value: The Floors and Walls

There are simple home improvements tips that can boost the market value of your property. Top priority home improvement projects should be the floors and the walls because they will change the overall look of your home. Before you decide to begin, be sure to take a look around your neighborhood and the existing and be sure the property prices in your area support the investment. Many old homes have carpeting, especially period homes of the ‘40s. The carpeting is likely to be old and worn out, so the best solution is to get rid of it. What’s under that carpet will determine the treatment you should give it.

Wood Flooring

Hard wood flooring is expensive, but adds value to any home. You can restore your hardwood floor by mildly sanding it, removing any adhesive and then applying wood polish or wax. If you don’t have wood flooring under the carpet and still want wood, there are many alternatives available such as MDF or Bamboo wood flooring. These types of woods are just as good as wood, but are cheaper.

Keeping the Carpeting

If you have old worn out carpeting under which is plywood or concrete floor, its best to either get new carpeting or opt for other flooring options. If you choose carpeting, stick to neutral beige colors. Sticking to neutral colors can ensure that your room will be ready for any decor.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum vinyl flooring gives a house a chic trendy look and is a relatively cost effective. Use lighter tones, unless you are working to create a thematic interior than go with the aesthetics of the overall design. Linoleum is less expensive than other flooring options, so you can experiment a little with this type of flooring.

Replacing Ceramic Tiles

Replace any broken or chipped ceramic tiles. In order to clean the tiles you can use acid mix tile cleaners. Try to stay within a budget and do not overhaul all ceramic tiles, instead stick to replacing only the few that are really worn.

Painting walls Versus Wallpaper

You might love your wallpaper, but your prospective home buyers might not. Since everyone has a different choice, your safest bet is to take down the wall paper and paint the walls a light, neutral color. If you prefer wall paper, use something that doesn’t particularly stand out.

Wall Paneling and Wainscoting

Dark wood paneling doesn’t sell well, especially if it’s not real wood. Your best bet is to cover it with paint. Again, stick to neutral colors that accentuate any architectural elements in your room.

Accessorizing Your Walls and Floor

Your home does not have to look bland with neutrals. You can accessorize your home to give it incredible style. For example, you can accessorize your main entrance wall with a wall fountain. You can also add wall rugs to give a polished and trendy look.

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