Home Improvements to Cut Your Water Costs

With the economic situation pulling at the purse strings of many home owners, more people are looking toward home improvements that can be made to reduce water costs. Saving money on water is both helpful for the budget and helpful for the environment. Making simple home improvements will save money in the long run and they will pay for themselves in no time. 

Fix the Toilets

A leaky toilet can waste 2 gallons of water a minute, which will quickly make the water bill sky rocket. Don't let toilets run more than they have to, because a "silent" leak could cost you 7,000 gallons of water in one month alone. Replace the parts in the toilet tank, or look into purchasing a water efficient model. If necessary, turn the water at the toilet off after the tank fills with enough water for one flush. Each time you flush, turn the water back on just long enough for it to refill.

Fix the Faucets

Go through the house and check the kitchen, bathroom and shower faucets. Each faucet that is leaking could add several gallons each month to you water bill, and if you have three leaky faucets, that will be a lot of money and water in no time. Tighten fixtures or replace them as needed to prevent dripping. Remember, even though there are cheap faucet options out there, those are usually the ones that will start leaking sooner. Spending a bit more money up front to get good quality faucet fixtures will pay off in the long run through less leaks and drips. Less leaks and drips means less water wasted, and less need for repair.

Check the Water Heater for Leaks

The water heater is a double whammy because it takes power to heat the water, unless you are using a tankless water heater. If your water heater is leaking for any reason, it will cause both your water and power bills to skyrocket. When the water leaks, it will need to refill the tank, which will cause the heat to run to keep the water in the tank warm.

Other Water Saving Tips

If you have made all your home improvements and are still looking for ways to save water, try these on for size:

  • Collect rain water in buckets to water the plants, instead of using a costly sprinkler system or water from your hose.
  • Don't run the dishwasher unless you have a full load of dishes, and if you do not, wash them by hand. 
  • Don't run the washing machine unless you have a full load of clothes, and if you do not, wait until you do before you wash any clothes at all. 
  • Take a shower instead of a bath, unless you want to take a long shower. It will save more water than a bath if you plan on staying in the shower 10 minutes or less.

 Taking the time to make these small home improvements will be worth it in the end for both your wallet and the environment.

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