Home Sales - How to Strategically Say "Yes!"

Home sales negotiation is a game of strategy and most people are slightly uncomfortable with the process. Having a good realtor can assist with this issue. Ultimately, even when you are accepting an offer for your home, you should be vigilant of protecting your financial future.

Signing Back an Offer

You can engage a potential buyer without accepting the first offer. In all likelihood, the buyer has not offered their final price in the initial contract. This is a starting point, and you have the power to make the next move. Refusing an offer all together will drive away the buyer. Instead, try signing the offer back with terms more favorable to you. Your realtor can make suggestions about appropriate sign back policies.

Balancing Demands

A buyer will typically ask for a list of requests along with offering a lower price. These may include a request you pay closing costs, leave some furniture in the house or even make repairs. You can play with these demands in balance with the asking price. Ultimately, you know how much you need to profit to pay off your mortgage and get into a new house. Make sure the demands and the price leave you with the financial benefits you need.

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