Home Seller Guide: What Will My Realtor Have Me Sign?

As a home seller, you are going to have to sign some documents when working with your Realtor. Here are the basics of what you should expect to sign when you list your property.

Agency Disclosure

One of the documents that you will have to sign is the agency disclosure. This is a document that says who the real estate agency is going to represent. Sometimes, they will represent only you, while other times, they will reserve the right to represent a buyer at the same time.

Listing Agreement

You are also going to have to sign a listing agreement. This is the actual contract that says you are working with a particular real estate agency. This is going to address the purchase price of the property and any special contingencies. With this contract, you are going to be bound to working with your real estate agent for the rest of the transaction or until the listing expires.

Seller Disclosure

You will also need to sign a seller disclosure form. This is a form that you have to sign in order to prove that you do not have any knowledge of adverse factors associated with the house. For example, you will have to verify that you do not know about any structural damage to the house or a mold infestation. 

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