How are Grant Deeds Prepared?

Grant deeds are created when an individual transfers the ownership of a real estate to another person. This legal document is very common in transactions where someone sells his property to another individual. All property deeds are recorded in the local recording office.

Preparing Grant Deeds

A grantor is responsible for making and preparing the deed. He can either secure a pre-formatted form available at the local courthouse or can make one, provided that his version meets the county's recording criteria. A grantor's signature is affixed to the document and the document is notarized to make it legal and binding. The document is then taken to the county office for the purpose of documentation.

Features of the Deed

A deed form is mainly comprised of the following elements:

  • name and address of the local district where the grant deed is filed
  • name of the grantor and the grantee
  • title order number and escrow number
  • address of the property being transferred
  • legal description of the deed
  • amount of documentary transfer tax
  • parcel number of the assessor
  • date the deed is executed
  • notary public information (name and title of the officer, signature, seal, address)
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