How Much Is Your Home Worth? Compare Local Listings

Trying to determine how much your home is worth is something that you are going to need to do before you sell it. Here are the basics of how to compare local listings to determine how much your property is worth.

Sold Listings

When you are getting ready to determine how much your property is worth, you want to see what homes have recently sold for. There are numerous websites out there that will give you access to information about homes that have recently been sold in your area. Looking at sold listings is going to be one of the best methods for determining price because they provide actual samples from the market.

Expired Listings

You should also take a look at expired listings in your area. Try to determine if the listings were overpriced or if they had some other reason that they did not sell.

Active Listings

You are also going to need to look at the active listings in your area. By looking at what other similar homes are priced at, you can get a good sense of how much your home is actually worth. If you want to sell quickly, you might consider listing your house on the lower end of the active listings.

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