How Necessary is a Tenant Criminal Check?

As a landlord, you should complete a tenant criminal check to protect yourself from various liabilities. A tenant with a criminal record can place you at a unique risk for losses and lawsuits.

Losses on the Property

There is no guarantee a person with a criminal record will repeat the crime. However, you may find a person with a history of criminal activity. These people often associate with other criminals, and they tend to damage to the properties they inhabit. For example, a person with a criminal history of drug possession may keep the home in disrepair or may try to sell illegal substances from the home directly. You may even find your property insurance does not cover you if the person committing the offense has a criminal record.

Lawsuits against the Property

If one of your tenants is harmed by another tenant with a criminal history, you could be sued. There is no guarantee the tenant will win the suit, but the legal fees and hassle would be inconvenient and costly. It is better to avoid all liability by completing the criminal check up front. Any person with a history of violent crimes will typically be disqualified from most arrangements. Nonviolent crimes may be considered on a case-by-case basis using your best judgement.

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