How to Cancel a Real Estate Listing

In order to cancel a listing, you will need to make contact with your real estate agent. Many people that have listed a property for sale, decide not to sell and to stay in their current homes. When you are simply changing your mind about selling, it should not be an issue to get out of your contract with the real estate agent. They are going to need you to cooperate with them in order to sell the property anyway. Therefore, if you are no longer interested in selling, there is no reason for the real estate agent to hold you to your contract. Simply tell them that you changed your mind and they will cancel the contract.

Changing Realtors

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to find a new real estate agent because your existing agent is not doing their job. If this is the case, your current agent is not going to want you to cancel your contract. They will most likely try to talk you out of canceling. However, if you are consistent with your request, they will usually cancel the contract for you to avoid any problems.

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