How to Change the Names on a Lease

Changing the name on an apartment or home lease is considered a contract modification. Depending on the policies your landlord has, this process may either be very easy or impossible to do, without breaking the contract.

Modifying a Contract

The first and easiest option is to modify your lease contract with the landlord. You can do this by informing the landlord another person will be taking over the lease. The landlord will traditionally require a background check on the new tenant. The existing rental contract can then be modified or amended to show the change.

Breaking a Contract

If your landlord does not allow modification, you can try to break the lease. Landlords can assess fees or entirely block you from making the change. However, if you are promising an immediate replacement on the loan, your landlord will usually permit you to break the contract, but the new tenant may be subject to a rate increase or be forced to sign a 6 or 12 month agreement.


If all else fails, you can sublet your residence to the new tenant. You will have to make an independent contract with this individual to do so. Some landlords do not permit subletting. In this case, you will have to file a legal motion to get out of your lease.

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