How to Charge Tenants for Damages

If you feel that you have the right to charge tenants for damage that they have caused, there is a way to resolve the matter. Your lease or rental agreement should state that the tenant is responsible for maintaining the property and that all repairs and damages should be reported. Make sure that you include a clear clause that states your right to charge tenants for damages that they cause to the property.

In the event that a tenant causes damage, you should first assess the damage. You may want to get a quote for the repairs if you need to hire someone to fix the damage. Put all of the details in writing, including the tenant's explanation of how the damage was caused.

You should then notify the tenant, in writing, of the cost of repairs and have them pay the bill when the repairs are completed. Be sure to cite the lease or rental agreement reminding them of their legal responsibility. If you plan to complete the repairs yourself, you may charge the cost of materials and a small labor fee that is reasonable and comparable to the price you would be willing to pay someone else to do the work.

If the tenant refuses to pay, you will need to file a claim at small claims court. Be sure you have all related documents, including the original lease or rental agreement and submit it as evidence.

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