How to Contact NYC's Rent Guidelines Board

If you are a tenant, an owner of rental properties or someone who is looking for an apartment in New York City, the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) is the right group to get in touch with. The Board is in-charge of various administrative functions in line of the real estate rental business all over NYC. Moreover, it provides huge resources about the city's housing information like apartment guides, rental regulations and tenant-landlord codes. If you have some questions in connection with rental matters, you can contact the NYC's Rent Guidelines Board through the following methods:

Telephone and Fax

The fastest way to address your queries is talking to an RGB representative over the phone.

  • To call, you can dial the numbers (212) 385-2934
  • To fax your messages use the numbers (212) 385-2554

Electronic Mail

Sending an e-mail is another way to reach out to the Board's members or representatives. To deliver your rental related questions, you can send an email to the e-mail addresses below:

Postal Mail

If you wish to convey your concerns through the traditional method of sending a mail, you can write to the:

  • New York City Rent Guidelines Board

51 Chambers St., Ste 202

New York, NY 10007

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