How to Fight for a Security Deposit Return

There is a proper way to fight for a security deposit return. Many landlords tend to find a reason to keep the security deposit, whether they are justified or not. If you have lived in the property and maintained it properly, there may be no reason that they need to keep the deposit. Here are a few tips to make it more likely that you get your deposit back. 

Get Justification

If you are fighting for your security deposit back, you need to make sure that your claim is justified. It helps if you have something in writing on the lease at the beginning of the term. You need to look through your copy of the lease and see if there are any provisions for the deposit after you move out. If there are some guidelines for what will happen with the deposit, then you may have some justification for asking for it back. You should also get estimates from contractors as to how much it would cost to repair the property if there is any damage.

Be Persistent

You will also need to be persistent. If your landlord keeps putting it off, keep calling them. Your persistence is much more likely to pay off than if you do nothing at all. Also, try to keep everything in writing in case you need to file a claim in small claims court later.

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