How to Keep your Tenants Happy and Cooperative

Keeping your tenants happy and cooperative takes some effort on your part as a landlord. However, the benefits you'll reap are tremendous, such as rents paid on time and the proper upkeep of your rental. If tenants remain unhappy, then the exact opposite will occur. You could end up wasting time and money going to court to resolve disputes or to evict tenants.

Make Repairs On Time

The biggest area of concern to tenants besides the cost of rent, is the repairs needed from time to time. When you get a request from a tenant to fix a broken appliance or to stop a leak, address it immediately. Don't procrastinate on making the repairs even if it's inconvenient for you at the time. First, you could find yourself in legal hot water if you don't make timely repairs. Second, your property could suffer damages due to your delay. Finally, you could lose a good tenant because you did not make a needed repair on time.

Resolve Tenant Disputes

Another major area of concern for many tenants is disputes with other tenants. Often, tenants argue over noise and other nuisances. In most cases, the landlord has to step in and resolve these disagreements. You can keep your tenants happy and cooperative by resolving these disputes early, and often.


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