How to Maximize Rent for Mobile Homes

If you are a landlord and rent mobile homes, you likely are not going to get the monthly rent you would be able to get if the same property was a stick built home. This still should not discourage you from using your mobile homes as a source of rental income, but there are some things you can do to increase the maximum rent value of the mobile home. 

Make sure the property is ready to rent. 

Don’t list the property in the paper or through other outlets until the unit is completely ready to move into. This means the property should be thoroughly cleaned, with any and all necessary repairs completed. 

Include water, sewer, and lawn care in the rental price.

Depending on the local area, it may be an extra rental incentive to include water, sewer and lawn care in the rental fee each month. Some families will be able to afford a bit higher rent, sometimes $50 to $100 more per month if they know these things are covered. If there is a well and septic tank, the rent can stand to be a bit higher to cover their maintenance without having a monthly bill for the tenant or the landlord.

Furnish the home. 

If the home comes with furniture, it is easy to justify a higher per month rental charge. Families who don’t have furniture or the funds required to purchase their own furniture find offers like these attractive. Since the furniture is not theirs and is subject to damages as any other area of the home, many tenants take care of the furnishings. If they do not, keeping the deposit is not out of the question. 

Update it. 

Mobile homes show age just as a regular home will. Keep the decor up to date for the time. Replace paneling walls with dry wall, or consider painting the paneling white or some other neutral color to bring the mobile home into the current times. If the home has wall paper throughout, consider painting over it. Make sure the carpet is clean, and if necessary, replace it. Some mobile homes come with carpet in the bathrooms. If the one you are renting has carpet it the bathroom, this may cause issues as the floor gets wet. It is best to remove the carpet and replace it with laminate or other flooring that can handle moisture.

If you are having trouble deciding where to set the rent pricing for your unit, look at similar units in your neighborhood. Pick a price and advertise. If you are not getting a lot of calls within a few days, then chances are you have priced the unit too high. If you are getting a lot of calls quickly, then the rental unit is either priced just right or may be too cheap. If you don’t have the funds to update the home the way you would like to, you can always offer a reduced rent to someone who is willing to improve the property. After the improvements have been made and that renter leaves, you can raise the rent accordingly for the next tenant.

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