How to Prepare a Residential Lease Form

A residential lease form contains all the vital information and agreement provisions of the leased property. Therefore, it is imperative that the preparation in making one should be carefully done and reviewed before presenting it to the potential tenant, and sealing the contract with your signatures.

How to Prepare the Paperwork

If you do not have any idea about the basics and how to a residential lease form, the internet is the most convenient tool that can provide you samples of lease forms for free. Once you got a sample of the document, consider these tips to create the finish product:

  • make a rough draft and do not finalize everything until you have thoroughly evaluated everything

  • make sure that you provide spaces for the basic information like your name, tenant's name, complete address of the leased property, and the place where the form will be signed

  • on the "terms of lease" portion, mention in detail the specific conditions you want for the type of tenancy, amount of rent and the period when the payment should be remitted, related fees and penalties, types of utilities that you and the tenant will pay, pet guidelines, etc.

  • provide information of the person whom you want the tenant to contact in case of complaints, questions, and other concerns

  • review every detail on the lease form and make amendments if and when you need to before finalizing and showing the document to the tenant
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