How to Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit

If you want to rent an apartment with bad credit there are several steps that you will need to take. It is much more difficult to rent when you have bad credit. There are several ways to improve your situation in order to find yourself on the path to renting an apartment. The best way to rent an apartment with bad credit is to find a landlord who does not run a check on potential tenants. As you search for an apartment, ask the landlord which requirements they use to qualify tenants. There are a few other things you can do, such as get a co-signor, a recommendation or pay a little more.

A Co-signer can Help

A co-signor is one of the best ways to rent an apartment when you have bad credit. If somebody with good credit is willing to add their name to the lease, you have a much better chance of being approved. A co-signer can be a family member, friend or spouse. As long as your co-signer meets the qualifications, your application will be in a much better position. Keep in mind that even though you may also have someone on the lease with you, it does not mean that they have to pay rent.

Get a Recommendation

If you can get a personal recommendation, you may be able to get past the fact that you have bad credit. For example, have a previous landlord write a letter stating that you were a model tenant who always paid on time. Other recommendations can come from your bank or employer.  

Also, if you have any past due accounts on your credit report you can pay them off, and then have the creditor provide you with a letter stating that your account is paid in full. If a landlord is not asking about your credit or requesting recommendations, do not offer any information. Let them ask for rental ratings or letters from employers before you offer.

Pay More

Even though it is a last resort, you can offer to pay more. This helps to hedge the risk that the landlord is taking, much in the same way as a higher interest rate would with a car loan or mortgage. Make sure you do not pay too much for what you are getting. Another option is to pay a larger deposit or have the landlord hold an extra month of rent for you.

All in all, not every landlord will believe that a bad credit score automatically translates into no payments. Take your time to do research in the area you are interested in and do not be disheartened if you get rejected a few times. Remember that you are competing against others and you will not always win.

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