How to Research State Rental Agreement Laws

State rental agreement laws are typically set and monitored by a consumer affairs department. Each of these departments has a website for you to easily access the laws governing your property. If you cannot find the information online, you can go to your city council to ask for a copy of the handbooks. Here is a quick look at how to access information:

  1. Go to your State Department of Consumer Affairs website. Many states call this department by a slightly different name. If you are unsure what the department is called in your area, then you can run a search on tenant rights in your state to be directed to the appropriate location.
  2. Look for a "Publications" area on the site. This area will typically have the Tenants Book or the Landlords Book. Depending on whether you are a tenant or landlord, select the right option. If there is no handbook, then you can run a site search on the words "tenant" or "landlord."
  3. There should be an index to each book that covers major questions such as the rights of the tenant, the rights of the landlord, moving out, making repairs and other issues.
  4. If you plan on using the agreement to argue for changes with your landlord or tenant, you should print out the section of the law that applies to your specific situation.
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