How to Resolve 2 Common Landlord-Tenant Disputes

If you're a renter, you may have to face landlord-tenant disputes from time to time. These often occur as a result of one of the parties not fulfilling their obligations as agreed in the lease agreement. When these disputes go on for some time without resolution, someone ends up taking the matter to court, which is not the best way to resolve common disputes.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes over Repairs

The best thing to do when a dispute arises regarding repairs is to put it in writing. Document in as detailed a way as possible the problems and the events leading up to you writing a letter. Ask the landlord for a resolution to the matter.

The landlord should take the matter more seriously with a written letter, and it may be a key piece of evidence if you have to go to court. Send the letter by Certified Mail at the post office, requesting your landlord's signature.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes over Rent Increase

Your landlord has the  right to increase rent. However, they must comply with your state's laws in regards to when to notify you of a rent increase. If there's a dispute over any rental increases arising out of improper notice, send a letter to your landlord with a copy of the applicable statutes. Detail how the law is being violated and ask them to send you a written notice in the proper time frame.

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