Improve Your Home Sale Price: A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

Painting is inexpensive and can raise your home sales price. Buyers want instant gratification when they decide to purchase a house. Painting creates an environment where buyers will want to move right in.

Painting a house will not break your budget, and it can be completed by most homeowners themselves. Most rooms in a house can be painted in a few hours.

Painting over Wallpaper

We have all visited somebody’s house and been struck by a room that has antiquated wallpaper. The design of the wallpaper might have been in fashion at one point, but the problem is that that point might have been 10 or 20 years ago. The quickest way to “modernize” a room is to paint right over the wallpaper.

Painting over the wallpaper saves you from the labor intensive task of removing the wallpaper and patching holes in wall that occur during the removal. The fresh coat of paint can make a room look modern and will be more appealing to potential buyers.

Painting a Ceiling

One overlooked area in most homes that needs painting is the ceiling. A ceiling is really the fifth wall in any room, and it deserves the same amount of attention given to the other four walls. Painting a ceiling can provide clean lines and openness to any room.

White ceilings are conventional. The white color makes rooms brighter. However, it is possible to create a “wow factor” in a room by painting the ceiling a color other than white. The best bang for the buck is to paint the ceiling a color that complements the wall color. When potential buyers enter the room, their eyes will immediately be drawn to the ceiling, and buyers will remember this long after they have finished viewing your house.

Painting Paneling and Wainscoting

Years ago, it was common to have at least one room in a house that contained paneling. This paneling would often make the room appear darker. It is possible to paint over the paneling, which will make the room look more open and welcoming.

Another option is to paint wainscoting. Wainscoting is usually installed up to chair-railing height. The wall above is painted a different color than the wainscoting. This difference creates a visual appearance that makes a room more attractive.

Paint Accent Walls

If there is a wall that people first see when entering a room, consider painting that wall a different color from the other three walls. This contrasting color will draw the eye immediately to this wall.

Painting a house can be the best investment of time and money because it will attract more buyers who would be more willing to pay your full asking price.

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