Is Your New Home Insulation Costing You Money?

Home insulation should be inspected prior to purchase in order to determine if a home is energy efficient. Inspectors can use infrared technology to determine if there are gaps in insulation. If you suspect your home may not be property insulated, the cost of keeping the home heated and cooled can rise dramatically.

Role of Insulation

The role of insulation is to keep the climate inside a home relatively stable. A poorly insulated home will have more temperature swings, both hot and cold, according to the environment. Homes in areas with more challenging climates need better insulation than those in mild climates. However, even in mild climates, insulation will also help with noise levels and comfort in a home. 

Elements of Insulation

Insulation is more than just stuffing in the walls. Doors, windows and roofs are key elements of insulating a home. You may notice the cost to heat and cool your home is high because of drafts coming from these areas. Check to see when your windows and doors were last replaced. Today, modern windows and doors can reduce energy costs significantly. The cost to install these items will typically be covered within a few years in energy savings. 

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