Landlord Tenant Security Deposit: Dealing with Carpet Damage

The landlord tenant security deposit is designed to keep the tenant from destroying the rental property. The landlord holds the deposit in order to pay for damages after the tenant moves out. The security deposit is designed to cover many things that can go in the property. One of the most common areas that uses the security deposit money is the carpet in the unit. Here are some things to consider about carpet damage and the deposit. 


With some of the newer methods that are used to clean carpet these days, you can get almost any stain out. Even drinks with bright-colored dye can usually be removed from the carpet. This helps to decrease the amount of money that has to be kept from the deposit because a carpet cleaning can usually do the job.


Depending on the size of the unit, the deposit that the renter pays is usually not enough to pay for a carpet replacement of the whole unit. However, with a good carpet installer and some matching carpet, they can sometimes do a repair that is not noticeable. If there is a damaged area in the carpet, it may be more cost-effective to simply repair the damage. This will save some of the deposit that is due back to the tenant.

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