Landlords: 3 Tips for Dealing with Unpaid Rent

Unpaid rent is one of the most significant issues that landlords face. As a landlord, you expect your tenant to pay what he owes. In the event that he fails to do so, you have several options for dealing with the unpaid rent.

Ask Nicely

No one likes to deal with a threatening landlord, and it is possible that paying the rent merely slipped your tenant’s mind--especially if he moved in recently. Call your tenant and mention that you didn’t receive his rent payment for the month.

Let the Tenant Work Off the Rent

If you know your renter is facing a difficult financial situation, you may opt to let him pay his rent in an alternate way rather than going through a stressful and expensive eviction. If, for example, your renter is a mechanic and you’re having car trouble, you could request that he fix your car free of charge. You may also choose to let your tenant work off his debt to you through yard work or running errands.

Evict the Tenant

If your renter is continually unable to provide you with the rent he agreed to pay, you can evict him and find a new tenant. Depending on your state, the eviction process may take several months, but the sooner you initiate the eviction, the sooner you can find a new renter. If your tenant signed a lease, you may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit against him for unpaid rent after the eviction.

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