Landlords: The Move-Out Letter

Landlords have a number of responsibilities when it comes to a tenant moving in or out. Whenever a tenant is moving out, you will need to provide them with a move-out letter. Here are the basics of the move-out letter and what it does.

The Move-Out Letter

This is a letter that is provided to the tenant in order to tell them what should happen when they move out. You are going to go over a number of different things that have to do with how the property should be left. You are going to tell them what should be cleaned and what should be left alone. You should also provide them with a checklist of the potential things that they will need to be aware of when moving out.


In this letter, you should also outline exactly what will happen with the deposit. Most renters want to get their security deposit back whenever they move out. In order to allow them to have their deposit back, they are going to need to leave the property in good condition. Tell them exactly what needs to be done and how clean the property needs to be in order to get the full deposit back.

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