Negotiating a Home Price from the Selling Side

When negotiating home price, you want to successfully keep the price as high as possible. When you are the seller, you have a lot invested in your house. Therefore, you do not want to just give it away to the first person that makes an offer. For this reason, you will have to negotiate the home price to the best of your ability. Here are a few tips for negotiating the home price from the seller's side.

List High

The first step to successfully negotiate a good price for your house is to list the property on the high side. There is a range of prices that you could have selected for your house to be listed in. Always choose the highest price that you think it could possibly sell for. As the seller, you can never go up on the price that the house is listed at. Therefore, you need to price it on the high side of what you expect to get from the beginning.

Concede Other Things

When someone makes a lower offer, you should try and concede some different things, besides giving them a huge discount. For example, throw in the appliances, give them a flooring allowance or something else to convince them to buy closer to your price. 

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