Selling Your Home: List over the Holidays?

When you are selling your home, timing is an important factor. Home sales require the right buyer in addition to a great home. It is wise to choose a time of year when the right buyer is likely to be looking, and it is also wise to make sure the home shows well during the specific period. Remember: most home sales are based on a first impression, and you get only one chance at that. If you are considering listing over the holidays, think about these factors.

What Is Winter Like?

The most important factor is likely what your home looks like in the winter. You want your home to show well, inside and out, whenever it is listed. Many sellers choose the summer months when the grass is green, trees are full and flowers are blooming. In the winter, some homes can look very dreary. However, you may live in a Southern state where winter is mild. Similarly, you may live in a mountain state where winter can be the most desirous season. A cabin in Colorado may look best covered in snow. Think about the impression your home makes during this time of year.

How Busy Will Your House Be?

When you are listing your home, you will need to keep it show ready at any point in time. This means personal items should be cleared out, the home should be impeccably clean and your pets or children should be elsewhere. If you travel over the holidays, the holidays may be a great time to list. However, if you are a family that likes to hunker down during the winter break and enjoy the comfort of your home, you will find it challenging to keep it show ready during this period.

Who Is your Target Buyer?

Think about the potential buyer for your home. If you are selling to a family, you are more likely to receive bids in the summer. Families do not like to move during the school year. A young couple or a retired couple may be more likely to purchase a home in the middle of the rush. You will not always know your target demographic. Think about the time when you purchased the home and what your priorities were at that time. It is likely your new buyer will have similar priorities, so this is a good demographic to consider when selling.

Are You Prepared to Move?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is how quickly you could move out of the home if it does sell. After all, that is the ultimate goal of listing. Many owners find they list a home thinking it will take six months to sell but sell it in six days. If the buyer wants a fast close, you will need to find a new place and get moving. In this case, would you be willing to leave the home in the middle of the holiday season? Would you ask the buyer to wait a few weeks prior to closing? These are factors to consider.

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