The Highest Suggested List Price Can Spell Doom

As a home seller, you are going to have a lot of things to think about when you list your home. One of those things is the list price of your house. When you interview real estate agents, they are all going to have their own opinions as to how much money you can get for your house. They are going to evaluate your house and compare it to other houses that have sold recently. You might be tempted to give your listing to the real estate agent that has the highest projected sales price. Although this can be enticing, it can also be a big mistake.

Pricing Yourself Out of the Market

Many times, you will end up choosing a price that is above the market. This means that buyers are not going to be as attracted to your house because it is going to be more expensive than other comparable houses. When this happens, you are basically pricing yourself out of the market. Projections do not mean anything. The only thing that matters is what your house can actually sell for. Therefore, you do not always need to choose the agent that has the highest projection.

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